Taxi sightseeing plan Taxi tourism plan

Play We make a tour of the southernmost power spots of the mainland across Kaimondake With the Kyushu Shinkansen running in all areas, there has been an increase in the number of customers visiting. There have been cases where customers go sight-seeing to the outskirts of the city during the daytime.
Therefore, we have created an original taxi tour plan. Out of the various plans, we have decided to go on the popular "power spot" (location thought to be flowing with mystical energy) tour. Daiichi Koutsu taxi company arrives. Today's driver is Mr. Yumisashi. Let's go!
The yellow post of the southernmost Nishi-Oyama Station happiness of JR Japan
We first arrived at JR Japan southernmost station, Nishi Oyama Station.
The unmanned station in the peaceful field is the perfect area to view Kaimondake. During the spring, it is with rape blossoms all around.
The yellow mailbox whose color was matched with the rape blossoms, is known as the "Mailbox of Happiness". It is said that if you send a letter to the loved one from this mailbox, it will deepen the bond and the two will become happier.
Shallows flat nature park Kaimondake and panorama of the sea
Today's course is enjoying Kaimondake from three directions: along the East China Sea and from the east to the west.
Next, we arrived at Sebira Natural Park. It is said that this is the best place to view Kaimondake. It is a roadside park where you can enjoy the panorama of the east and west of East China Sea. The promenade of the sea continues to the Bandokorobana coast which we headed to next.
Place of Bandokorobana Natural Park Tadataka Ino great admiration
Passing Kaimondake and looking at the East China Sea on the left, we finally arrived at Bandokorobana Natural Park.
Tadataka Ino who traveled around the entire country on foot and created the Japanese map in the Edo era, praised the beautiful shore by saying, "Perhaps, this is one of the most superb view in the whole country".
Indeed, it is a marvelous view with the deep-blue East China Sea, the distant view of Kaimondake and the beautiful shore.
There are sea horse and lobster in this clear shore. There is the only sea horse farm in Japan nearby.

Path to the Palace of the Dragon King

This shore created from erosion and volcano eruption, has a path which encircles the ocean. This path is known as the road to the Palace of the Dragon King. The path leads to Kaimondake and Nagasakibana where the Ryugu Shrine is located. Since the sea horse is the messenger of the Dragon King, it all comes together.
Kamabuta Shrine

Kamabuta prayer and Kamabuta throw

There is the talked-about Kamabuta Shrine near Bandokorobana Natural Park.
It has become suddenly known by famous celebrities and athletes visiting, but this shrine was originally a place to wear kamabuta (pot lid) and pray for fortune of war. It is said that the beginning of the shrine is from a large pot lid being found in the area.
It is said that if you are able to carry the pot lid on the top of your head from the torii to the front shrine 10 meters ahead or if you are able to throw the small pot lid in the pot near the shore, your dream will come true. It has become extremely popular among young women.

Power spot: cape of hope

 The cape near the shrine is known as the cape of hope and it is said to be the southernmost power spot in the mainland. If you sit on the potlid-type bench and look at the sea, it feels like you are gaining new energy.
 However, the main power spot was Kaimondake itself. We received a lot of energy from the magnificent view.