The hotel's hot springs are named "Komoso-yu" after the fact that in old days, Komuso, wandering Zen priests, used to soak in the hot springs to cure their illness. It's familiar as noted hot springs for its miracle-working effect. Please enjoy excellent hot springs of Ibusuki as much as you like.
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Hot spring information

Business Hours: For from 5:00 to 9:00 and from 15:00 to 24:00

Capacity: 30 people

Quality: Chloride spring

Benefits: Relief you from Neuralgia / muscle pain / arthralgia / frozen shoulder / sports paralysis / stiff joints / bruises / sprains / chronic gastrointestinal disorders / hemorrhoids / oversensitivity to cold / convalescence from illness / convalescence from fatigue, health improvement / cuts / burns / chronic skin diseases / children weak constitution / chronic feminine problems

Hot water of this hotel is said to be Bihada-no-Yu. Please thoroughly enjoy a lot of humidity retention ingredient hot springs moistened with moisture. In Ibusuki Onsen, two ingredient content to feel humidity retention is higher in the whole country. 1.Meta silicic acid…It is calcium ion 143.3 mg 2 in this hotel…It is 247.8 mg in this hotel

Metasilicic acid has an effect to help to generate the collagen, making skin fresh and young. Then, by joining the calcium ion which has an effect to make skin smooth, they promote the cornification of the epidemic cell and fix of the ceramide (lipid between cells) of the skin.

Ibusuki sand steam bath hot spring sand comfort
Speaking of Ibusuki,…after all we think of "sand steam hot springs" We don't have a sand steam bath in our hotel, but offer free transportation service to the famous sand steam hot springs place, "Saraku". The shuttle bus is available from 16:00 to 18: 30. Don't hesitate to use it. (except the holidays of Saraku) Bathing charges
Ibusuki sand steam bath hot spring sand comfort
Way of enjoying specialty of Ibusuki Onsen sand steam bath hot spring sand comfort
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We take Ibusuki Onsen sonomamaoo home with us for souvenir to home, and we are, and how about Ibusuki Onsen with full of hot spring lotion humidity retention ingredients of produce sale for souvenir fair (meeting of sinter) of ugly secret Ibusuki Onsen proprietress 100% of Ibusuki Onsen additive-free lotion?

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