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 Yosuke Sasaki joins 30s in this year. We graduated from university and we entered company which assumed marketing research duties and became chief for eight years.
 It was in charge of material investigation about food-related new product development. After deciding to use okra as main ingredients, the first straight production center was Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima in Japan. Yosuke has yet gone to neither Kagoshima nor Ibusuki. At this chance we served as trip and decided to visit straight production center Ibusuki of okra.
 We arrive at Kagoshima Airport from Haneda by plane in one and a half hours when we check on the Internet. There is going straight bus to Ibusuki, but there is interval between the departure more than one hour. We thought about action after we arrived at the field and decided to borrow rent-a-car at airport.
 Kagoshima Airport is near Kirishima Mountains, and expressway spreads out to the Kagoshima city. Majestic figure of Sakurajima is seen in point of field of the left hand when we begin to run on expressway. We erupted with what! Smoke stands up like giant in a moment. We stopped car and put the scene in camera. Let's show everybody of the workplace strength of Sakurajima if we return.
 When we turned left at run, National highway No. 226 for approximately 30 minutes and ran for 15 minutes, we appeared in shoreline. It is gone south backward with Kinko Bay io the left in Sakurajima. Road sign becomes "Ibusuki-shi", and there is roadside station in place that reached slope.
We stop car, and the crops which flavor of soil is rich in line up in large vegetables sales floor when we open building door.
Okra is proud of first place and quantity. It is with the first golden age now if we hear.
 As we are tired, we check in at hotel, and let's enter famous sand steam bath hot spring today. We visit city hall and have you introduce producer, and let's achieve purpose of business trip tomorrow. Unexpectedly abundant information and materials seem to be available!
 Hotel is Kaimondake on the right from lobby. The bright red setting sun sets in silhouette with the elegant figure.
 Sunset which is not seen in city!
 Nature wraps up heart of person in this way, and will you cheer up? Oneself is member of this natural world, too. Let's get answer from Nature if captivated by the life.
 It is trip to business trip of man one feeling something which we did not notice so far big on this business trip.

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