Accommodation, guest room

Accommodation, guest room

Please tell time for check-in check-out.

As for the check-in, check-out is 10:00 at 15:00.
I take baggage before check-in and can have to wait in lobby.

Can you connect with Internet?

Free Wi-Fi is available in front lounge and some guest rooms.
Please note that there is not rental of PC and tablet.

Please tell amenity goods and equipment in guest room.

Guest room yukata, face towel bath towel shampoo conditioner
・Body soap, toothbrush razor, cotton swab cotton, air conditioning (we manage collectively in all facilities), dryer
・TV, electric pot, refrigerator (the sky), safe, telephone
※Amenity may not be on by staying plan.

Is there bath in guest room?

There is restroom with bus, washing machine in all rooms. Bath of guest room is not hot spring.

Please tell about storage of valuables.

As there is safe in guest room, please use. In addition, I take even the front.

Can you smoke cigarette in room?

This hotel is entirely non-smoking. One where it is smoked
As you make smoking booth aside, please use entrance.

Do you give a barrier-free response?

There is not room for barrier-free, but movement with wheelchair is possible.
As there is wheelchair for rental, please speak casually.



Are the meals inside the room?

Please have breakfast at restaurant on the first floor.
We have you usually have dinner at restaurant on the first floor.
As there is guidance of banquet room (private room) with plan and additional charge of meal in the room in two people, too,
For more details, please contact hotel reservation section.

Please tell about meal.

Breakfast becomes Japanese and Western buffet form and is 9:00 from 7:00 for business hours of restaurant.
Dinner asks about hope of start time from Japanese banquet dishes, half past 18 of Japanese dishes to 20:00.

Is yukata okay during dinner time?

Yukata and slippers are okay in the hall. Feel free to relax.

In-house facility, facilities

In-house facility, facilities

Is there game corner?

There are not table tennis stand and game corner. We loan Go or shogi, mahjong in pay. Please order at the front desk.

Is there vending machine?

There are vending machines such as juice, beer in the 2F stand corner passage depths.

Is garden walk possible?

The site of this hotel approximately 6,000 tsubo can take a walk freely. In addition, we can go to the beach if we go down banana path.

Are there cafe and lounge?

There is lounge on the 2F front desk side.
To all customers stayed at in this hotel
From thought, "we will spend deluxe time slowly while watching this magnificent scenery"
We offer welcome coffee. Please spend time leisurely.

What time are business hours of stand?

There is stand in 2F and is open until from 7:00 to 10:00, from 17:00 to 22:00.
Overtime can do shopping if you can speak to the staff of neighborhood. Let alone local souvenir,
Miscellaneous goods are enriched, too and can enjoy shopping.

Bathing, bath

Bathing, bath

Please tell use time for bath

The large swimming bath and outdoor bath each have men's and women's.
Available time: from 5:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M. and from 3:00 P.M. to 12:00 P.M. (being cleaned from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.)
As shampoo and body soap are provided for large communal bath, please use freely.

Is there equipment such as dryers in bathroom?

We install dryer and cotton swab, comb which has been sterilized in dressing room.
As make last joke, lotion, emulsion are put in dressing room for women, please use freely.
Towels take thing set in room.

Please tell about hot spring.

Ibusuki Onsen flowing constantly from the source in this hotel. Spring quality is chloride spring; content of meta silicic acid and calcium ion
It is top level in the whole country. It is called Bihada-no-Yu. You change time again and again slowly, and please thoroughly enjoy hot spring and scenery.

Access, parking lot

Access, parking lot

Is there a parking lot?

There is a free parking lot with a capacity of 50 cars. You can come in bus and camper.
Guests coming by motorcycle can park at the space near the entrance. (there is only for space)

Access (car) to accommodation

When we go south, and medicine 40 kilos passes with Taniyama IC at intersection called [in front of national hospital] at descent, Route 226,
Convenience store "Lawson" and hypermarket "Nishimuta" are seen on the left.
It is arrival at hotel when we will turn left as signboard of Ibusuki Royal Hotel is seen on Ibusuki medical center, the left on there, the right hand.

Access (public transport) to accommodation

Airplane: Airport communication bus leaves to Ibusuki Station from Kagoshima Airport.
JR: Please get off Kagoshima-Chuo Station on Ibusuki Makurazaki Line at Ibusuki Station.
We do not take to and from. We arrive for approximately 1,000 yen by taxi from Ibusuki Station to this hotel for approximately five minutes.

The use in with child

The use in with child

Can even parents with their children stay?

Of course you can stay. Family is happy if we have memory of trip that we gather choose this hotel.
Baby basket (basket) for child before return marks is ready, but necessary customer, please set up chair (camping holder) or baby cot respectively.

Please tell rate of child.

Meal + bedclothing same as primary schoolchild adult: 70% of adult rates
Meal + bedclothing for primary schoolchild child: 50% of adult rates
Meal (choshokufukumi) + bedclothing for infant child: Tax-excluded 5,500 yen
Meal (choshokufukumi) for infant child: Tax-excluded 3,500 yen
Only as for the infant bedclothing: Tax-excluded 2,000 yen
Dinner, infant who is bedclothing-free: Tax-excluded 900 yen
※As child of infant does not have yukata and towel or other amenity,
You have you propose in pay separately, or take respectively. 



Is there rent-a-bicycle?

There are electric bicycle iburinga three. ※iburin: We can rent in general tourist information center in JR Ibusuki Station and main hotels, tourist facilities
It is bicycle with electric assistant player (2h500 Japanese yen). Because we are working under assistant player,
We can run smoothly and can enjoy comfortable sightseeing.

Can you arrange massage?

Let alone massage in guest room, we massage oil treatment and Thai style,
There are various menus including futtorifure. If you like, please contact.

Can you have any experience in hall?

There are pottery and store of black Satsuma Porcelain in Hotel site, and hand bineri ceramic art experience is possible there.
As it takes approximately 1-2 months until completion, we mail after the completion to home.
In addition, as instructor of yoga and Paul walking is resident in hall,
You experience that you can do it only here not to be able to taste by daily life, and please return!



Please tell neighboring convenience facilities.

A 5-minute walk from supercenter Nishimuta approximately 500m
An 8-minute walk from convenience store (Lawson) approximately 700m
A 14-minute walk from drugstore cosmos approximately 1.1km
A 4-minute walk from Ibusuki medical center approximately 450m
As there is not restaurant within the range of foot, please be careful.

Please tell settlement method of departure early in the morning.

It comes to support night watch during from 22:00 to 7:00. When we are checked out early from 7:00
I would like settlement the day before by 22:00.

Is credit card usable?

The various credit cards use including VISA, JCB is possible.
As there is plan that payment with cash becomes condition, please be careful.

Is there place to be able to withdraw money?

There is not in hall, but there is ATM in Lawson and Nishimuta.

Is there temporary storage?

Let alone before check-in, I take baggage even after check-out.
In addition, there is system (pay) carrying baggage to tourist information center of Ibusuki Station. You are light, and please enjoy sightseeing.

About prior baggage shipment to this hotel

I take baggage which you sent to until check-in at the front desk.
You have you fill in the name of staying representative, accommodation date, and please send to the following address.
4232-1, Juni-cho, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Ibusuki Royal Hotel
* 0 days a month accommodation 0 0 state
In addition, I can send baggage from stand in back before.

Is carry-on of food and drink possible?

Carry-on to banquet room and restaurant has you decline,
You can bring in guest room freely.

Is there sand steam bath hot spring in hall?

There is not in this hotel. By car until "nature sand steam bath hot spring sand comfort" in place for approximately five minutes
We take to and from by microbus free. ※It is available as no appointment necessary, yukata, slippers.

▼Pickup time: Departure from hotel, every 30 minutes from 4:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M.
Departure from Saraku, every 30 minutes from 4:50 P.M. to 7:20 P.M.
▼Bathing rate bathing ticket, yukata, towel set 1,200 yen
※Rental bath towel 200 yen 
▼Saraku business hours: from 8:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. (being cleaned from 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.)