This month is Saturday for 11 days!

Children of tsumabeni boy drum of local Yamakawa are Saturday, November 11 once a month in ✨ this month playing drum in lobby! It is shin ☺ on day of Pocky …

New menu comes up in breakfast buffet✨

As for Omura, breakfast buffet eats promptly concerning petit renewal ✨ and…

The rainy season was over☀

The rainy season seemed to be over in South Kyushu; is almost summer! Pool is also opu in ✨ Ibusuki Royal Hotel soon from last week in long-awaited summer vacation, too…

"Ibusuki don" and present campaign that stayed, and proved right, and loved Nishigo dommo!

    When stay at hotel in the city, and, from Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to Saturday, September 30, apply; is Nishigo Donya *hime by lot…

Flower park Kagoshima

In "flower park Kagoshima," annual illuminations begin this year ♪   The garden is colored in approximately 300,000 pitches of illumination; light of 60m…

Reservation of boshinnenkai begins♪

November begins, and temperature falls considerably, too and feels in autumn ♪   . . . We thought of nantekotoo, & nb…

Paul free trial society of October

★★ Sunday, October 30 that is information for free trial society of October 10:30 ...   Lobby of Ibusuki Royal Hotel…

It is September (ω, `*)

We feel that September begins and became easy to spend time considerably in morning and evening. Voice of children echoed in hall during period in summer vacation and was very lively …

[in August 20th] It is held every month! Live performance ヽ (^o^) * of Yamakawa tsumabeni boy drum

    We hold live live of harmony among drum team drum called "Yamakawa tsumabeni boy drum" once a month in hotel lobby ♪ August…

Mr. Chieko ヽ (^o^) *

Do you not attend yoga lesson of Mr. Chieko who returned home after the training for long time in home India and Hawaii? ♪ ♪ In studio with an ocean view sound of wave…

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