Access map
Access map
Ibusuki Royal Hotel
4232-1, Juni-cho, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture
TEL. 0993-23-2211
FAX. 0993-23-2214
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It is use by car
Get off the Kyushu Expressway at "Taniyama Interchange" and drive down the Route 226. Approximately 50 minutes.

Route from Taniyama interchange
It is use by airplane
There is an express bus service from Kagoshima Airport to Ibusuki.
Ask for details at a counter of the Airport.
Best quality bus timetable
It is use by train
Get on the JR Ibusuki-Makurazaki Line at Kagoshima-chuo Station and get off at Ibusuki Station.
Please use the taxi from Ibusuki Station to the hotel (approximately five minutes).
Ibusuki Makurazaki Line timetable
Facility around the hotel
  • Natural sand steam bath place, where you can bathe, take a rest and have a meal.
    We have a shuttle bus service from 16:00. Please use it without hesitation.

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  • Itatehyozu Shrine in Ei-cho of Minami-kyushu-shi, now it's become famous for its benefit as Kamafuta Shrine It is said that your wish comes true if you can go and worship without dropping a cover of furnace from the gateway to the offertory box. A lot of groups and couples of young persons come even on weekdays.We see in Google Map
  • On the very large land of 365,000 square meters, plants mainly of the subtropical flora are cultivated.
    It cannot be boring to see flower and trees which show us different faces according to the season.
    In addition, the illuminations of the Christmas season are very fantastic.We see in Google Map
  • It was built by Tadashi Shimizu, the first head of Izumi-shimazu Family, in 1754. There is a school at the place now.
    The stone wall still remains and Sakura-jima Island can be seen beyond Kinko Bay.

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  • The graveyard of Izumi-shimazu Family is in the south of JR Satsuma-izumi Station.
    It still remains as it used to be and is designated as cultural assets of Ibusuki-shi.

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  • It was built in the foot of Mt. Kaimon-dake and is familiar as Satsuma-no-kuni Ichigu.
    It is worshiped mainly as God of security and the fishery of the voyage by many people.

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  • The mountain is situated in the south tip of Satsuma Peninsula and is familiar with other name, "Satsuma Fuji" because of its beautiful figure.
    There are a recreation facility, park which has campground, etc. at the foot of the mountain.
    In addition, events including Old Car Festa are held, too.We see in Google Map
  • A caldera lake formed more than 5,000 years ago. Its size is the largest in Kyushu.
    In the lake, there lives Isshi, an unidentified animal named after Nessie of Loch Ness.
    In addition, the rape in full glory around the lake from the winter to spring is very beautiful.We see in Google Map
  • An inhabited island floating at the position of about 800 meters away from the north of Ibusuki-shi.
    At low tide, there appears a sand way "sandbar" and you can walk and reach the island.
    It has been designated as the Yaku Kirishima National Park.

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  • A view spot situated in the southmost. The contrast of the blue sea and the white lighthouse is very beautiful.
    Also, it is one of the land of the legendary Urashima Taro.

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  • Near the station, there is only a pickle factory. All round it is covered by potato field.
    Please enjoy the majestic figure of Mt. Kaimon-dake without thinking anything.
    You may come back to yourself with the sound of the train when you forget about it.

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  • Atsuhime, who became the wife of a shogun, is from Izumi-shimazu Family. A bronze statue of Okatsu, her childhood name, was built at Izumi Beach, where used to be another house. The statue of Okatsu, who is said to have been outgoing, is looking at Sakura-jima Island.We see in Google Map
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