September 29 T state

We had breakfast - Japanese dishes.

Including stewed foods was delicious. It was taste to want to eat in various ways.

Thank you✨

We devise in various ways to be able to feel season of Ibusuki with breakfast buffet.

In addition, it is one of this skipjack to die, and to make with oneself using knob of local mountain River, and chazuke is very popular♪ 

Come in all of you again by all means♪



October 1 K state

We came to Ibusuki by honeymoon 50 years ago.

As we memorialized in Kaimondake and planted a tree, it came to see it in commemoration of golden wedding anniversary.

What decided on Royal Hotel fixed that the setting sun from open-air bath was beautiful, but I was sorry without on the day seeing.

But waiting on customers of the front desk is very good, thank you very much for your help.

Meal is eating up very deliciously. Thank you for the delicious meal.

You use our hotel and, from accommodation which is number, are glad✨

Congratulations on golden wedding anniversary! It is memory that is very wonderful to go to see commemorative tree planting (*' * `) 

It is vaunted scenery that can see Yakushima of world heritage on day when atmosphere was clear♪

Look at not having been able to see the setting sun this time, the setting sun which you come again by all means, and sets in Kaimondake✨



It is unsigned on October 14

Thank you for your help.

Thank you.

 Likewise! Thank you✨

If there is opportunity, please come again by all means.



October 16 M state

Thank you.

We spent very good night.

Thank you. We pray for health and do with thanks.

 Likewise, we appreciate your using.

We will be devoted to many of you more to be able to spend comfortably.

I would like Ibusuki Royal Hotel continuously✨