New menu comes up in breakfast buffet✨

ヾ (≧▽≦) no which breakfast buffet ate promptly in Omura concerning petit renewal ✨
We guide in blog style today with much effort! sho

Card was handed the staff when we went by elevator to the first floor!
IMG_5642_R IMG_5644_R
When left with another helping; and "still eat Masuyo - single zukenaide!" is shin (*^^*) in guys

At first it is decision metekaraiza at seat! To have dish♪
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oo - salad corner! ෆ◕ㅂ◕ෆ where vegetables are enriched

FullSizeRender5_R FullSizeRender3_R
♥ vitamin drink that this is nice! !! ('∀ `*)♡

(__) where we omit photograph at this time as guest came to section of central dish table and curry

By the way, by the way, is one of purpose; and chazuke is this★
In the very front Yamakawa Port of hotel, amount of production of honkokatsuosetsu is number one in Japan! It is soup stock chazuke using honkosetsu!
"It was one of Japan, and culture" was registered with world immaterial inheritance.

IMG_5637_R IMG_5653_R
Of course all Omura half supplied caliber with spice you like injection ... with mamazuzuhago meal afterward (person '3`*)

It is completed if we sprinkle soup stock afterward!
IMG_5662_R IMG_5658_R1
Good flavor of soup stock is appetizing✨

It is iza true meal tsu !! in not being able to wait !
Rich flavor and taste of first bonito soup stock which was a pleasure [and katsuohonkosetsu chazuke] are oO in mouth ღ˘◡˘ற♡. which opened

We give every morning to be able to enjoy flavor and taste that are full of these flavors to people visiting Ibusuki.
Please enjoy "tool" to be able to be proud of to the world in here Ibusuki Royal Hotel♪

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