Photogallery section ☆Winning the best facility prize ☆ Evening (o' ∀` o) of in JTB thanks 2014








We can have prize of gold, silver, copper by annual sale of JTB net reservation.

We rank as from last year and improve! ヽ (^o^) * which had silver Award how this year


As it was bronze for the past two years, it is all delight for long-cherished silver receiving a prize★



And with what! We had the best honor in continuation in Japan in photogallery section for two years secondary to last year!





Winning d (≧∀≦) b photo gallery section best facility prize d (≧∀≦) b



The best facility is commended every each section including word of mouth and in bound

Winning the highest award facility in two years continuation only as for the Ibusuki Royal Hotel! ❀.(*'◡`*)❀. really nice unwillingly


Young Okami went to Tokyo and went to prize giving this year. Of course it is receiving a prize in on the dais!


Very gorgeous ~(*' * `*) ♪  rurubu travel ☆Ibusuki Royal Hotel photo gallery is this place





 We thank with grace of all of you who favor that we were able to have such a honorable prize from everyday.


We will report some other time again next month if shield arrives! m(__)m where thank you very much





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