Splendid ocean view and hotel spa resort hotel Ibusuki Royal Hotel of Ibusuki natural hot spring superb view open-air bath

Ibusuki-shi, the southernmost town of Satsuma Peninsula of Kagoshima.
Ibusuki Royal Hotel is situated along the beach of Ibusuki-shi, called "Japanese Hawaii" for its warm climate.
There is a panorama of Kinko Bay spreading out in front of the guest room. You can enjoy this view without being disturbed by anyone, being relaxed in the beach and the pool.

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Today shore cleaning ∑ d(d' ∀ `*)

★ which was annual shore cleaning every year today ww ヾ which of course is participation as for all the proprietresses as for the president which does not come in Ibusuki Royal Hotel without this in the summer…

New menu comes up in breakfast buffet✨

As for Omura, breakfast buffet eats promptly concerning petit renewal ✨ and…

The rainy season was over☀

The rainy season seemed to be over in South Kyushu; is almost summer! Pool is also opu in ✨ Ibusuki Royal Hotel soon from last week in long-awaited summer vacation, too…

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It is inquiry 0993-32-2211 to Ibusuki Royal Hotel We were introduced to trip color

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